Sl. Student Name Thesis Advisor Final Thesis Submission Date Title Thesis
1 Kohinoor Ghosh Rukmini Dey Berezin-type quantization of even-dimensional compact manifolds and pullback coherent states
2 Prashant Singh Anupam Kundu Statistical properties of single and multiple active particles
3 Arnab Seth Subhro Bhattacharjee Fractionalisation in spin-orbit coupled magnetic insulators
4 Akhil Sivakumar Loganayagam R Effective theory of fluctuating hydrodynamics from holography
5 Joydeep Chakravarty Suvrat Raju Quantum aspects of black holes: The bags of gold and monogamy paradoxes
6 Santhosh Ganapa Abhishek Dhar Thermalization, Chaos and Hydrodynamics in Classical Hamiltonian Systems
7 Rahul Kumar Singh Samriddhi Sankar Ray Lagrangian Statistics in High and Low Re Number Flows: From Filaments in Fully Developed Turbulence to Tracers in Bacterial Suspensions
8 Avijit Das Abhishek Dhar Transport and Correlations in One-Dimensional Interacting Particle Systems
9 Kasi Jaswin Loganayagam R Aspects of Conformal and Thermal Field Theories
10 Chandan Kumar Jana Loganayagam R Aspects of Open Quantum Field Theory