Sl. Student Name Thesis Advisor Final Thesis Submission Date Title Thesis
1 Sumit Kumar Birwa Rama Govindarajan, Narayanan Menon Mechanics of Immersed Collision and Granular Systems
2 Ajit Kumar Mehta Parameswaran Ajith Exploring gravitational-wave astrophysics: Source modeling, tests of general relativity, and gravitational lensing
3 S. Ganga Prasath Rama Govindarajan, Narayanan Menon Mechanics of filaments and spherical particles: role of elasticity and hydrodynamic interactions
4 Abhirup Ghosh Parameswaran Ajith Testing general relativity using observations of gravitational waves from the inspiral, merger and ringdown of binary black holes
5 Aritra Kundu Abhishek Dhar Analytically tractable models of one-dimensional anomalous heat transport
6 Archak Purkayastha Abhishek Dhar Transport in open quantum systems