Sl. Student Name Thesis Advisor Final Thesis Submission Date Title Thesis
11 Akhil Sivakumar Loganayagam R Effective theory of fluctuating hydrodynamics from holography
12 Joydeep Chakravarty Suvrat Raju Quantum aspects of black holes: The bags of gold and monogamy paradoxes
13 Santhosh Ganapa Abhishek Dhar Thermalization, Chaos and Hydrodynamics in Classical Hamiltonian Systems
14 Rahul Kumar Singh Samriddhi Sankar Ray Lagrangian Statistics in High and Low Re Number Flows: From Filaments in Fully Developed Turbulence to Tracers in Bacterial Suspensions
15 Avijit Das Abhishek Dhar Transport and Correlations in One-Dimensional Interacting Particle Systems
16 Kasi Jaswin Loganayagam R Aspects of Conformal and Thermal Field Theories
17 Chandan Kumar Jana Loganayagam R Aspects of Open Quantum Field Theory
18 Pushkal Shrivastava Suvrat Raju Black Holes and Holography
19 Rahul Chajwa Rama Govindarajan, Sriram Ramaswamy, Narayanan Menon Driven Stokesian Suspensions: Particle Anisotropy, Effective Inertia and Transient Growth
20 Ritabrata Thakur Rama Govindarajan Nonlinear Instability and Turbulence Suppression in Stratified Flows