Sl. Student Name Thesis Advisor Final Thesis Submission Date Title Thesis
11 Pushkal Shrivastava Suvrat Raju Black Holes and Holography
12 Rahul Chajwa Rama Govindarajan, Sriram Ramaswamy, Narayanan Menon Driven Stokesian Suspensions: Particle Anisotropy, Effective Inertia and Transient Growth
13 Ritabrata Thakur Rama Govindarajan Nonlinear Instability and Turbulence Suppression in Stratified Flows
14 Anugu Sumith Reddy Amit Apte Asymptotic Properties of Non-linear Filters
15 Soumyadeep Chaudhuri Loganayagam R Out of time ordered effective dynamics of a Brownian particle
16 Sumit Kumar Birwa Rama Govindarajan, Narayanan Menon Mechanics of Immersed Collision and Granular Systems
17 Ajit Kumar Mehta Parameswaran Ajith Exploring gravitational-wave astrophysics: Source modeling, tests of general relativity, and gravitational lensing
18 S. Ganga Prasath Rama Govindarajan, Narayanan Menon Mechanics of filaments and spherical particles: role of elasticity and hydrodynamic interactions
19 Abhirup Ghosh Parameswaran Ajith Testing General Relativity using Observations of Gravitational Waves from the Inspiral, Merger and Ringdown of Binary Black Holes
20 Aritra Kundu Abhishek Dhar Analytically Tractable Models of one-Dimensional Anomalous Heat Transport